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Welcome to MovingSoul

When Words Fail, Listen to the Body's Tale.

Unlocking the body's wisdom and the Soul's longing.

Becky Mackeonis


I believe movement is the poetry of the body. It speaks eloquently of what ails us, of how we have lost our way and how we have separated ourselves from the natural world of which we are a part.  If we learn how to listen to the body, witness it's stories and learn its language, then we can open direct communication with soul; we remember who we really are and why we are here.  In the process we reclaim our relationship with the world, nourish ourselves and restore balance to our lives.


Would you like to learn this language and open a conversation with your deeper self, improve your health and wellbeing, reignite your creativity and reclaim your joy in life?


If so, then I invite you to contact me. Together, indoors and outside where appripriate, working through the body with imagination, poetry, art, symbols and sound, we will honour your deepest dreams and the stories that wish to be shared. We will open a safe, sacred and alchemical space within which you can explore your Soul's longing and that which envigorates life and infuses it with meaning.

God respects you when you work but loves you when you dance.

Sufi Saying

One-to-One Sessions


A space for you, to explore, to create, to be.


Intentional Creativity, creative mentoring and therapuetic practices for wellbeing


Based in North Cornwall. For more info contact me.


Intentional Creativity Workshops


Unlocking your potential through creative enquiry.



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"According to Plato the soul knows everything, but in this world has forgotten; and the poem reminds us of what we ourselves know, but did not know we knew; reminds us, above all of what we are."

(Kathleen Raine)

You are not dead yet. It is not too late

To open your depths by plunging into them

And drink in the life

That reveals itself quietly there.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

As we reacquaint ourselves with our breathing bodies, then the perceived world itself begins to shift and transform.

(David Abrams)