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Body and Imagination honoured

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Becky Mackeonis

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"According to Plato the soul knows everything, but in this world has forgotten; and the poem reminds us of what we ourselves know, but did not know we knew; reminds us, above all of what we are."

(Kathleen Raine)

For me, movement is the poetry of the body.  If we learn how to listen to the body, learn its language, then we can open direct communication with soul; we remember who we really are and why we are here.  


Would you like to learn this language and open a dialogue with your deeper self?  If so, then I invite you to contact me to explore the following:


     * Dramatherapy, in particular the Sesame Approach ® to Drama and Movement Therapy - embodied imagination for wellbeing;


   * SoulCircle gatherings, working with the sacred space of Circle to open the channels of communication to our inner knowing through body and the creative arts; and


     * Shakti Dance ® , the yoga of dance, as created by Sara Avtar - a unique fusion of flowing asanas and different dance styles to create mindful meditation in movement.


All these offer an opportunity to enter into a personal dialogue that envigorates life and infuses it with meaning.  

Allow the body to play, give it space.

Let it make whatever movements it wants to make. Just as a dream is an invitation

to the unconscious, so releasing your body into spontaneous movement or play

is an invitation to the unconscious.

(Marion Woodman)




SoulCircle is taking a break.  

I am planning a series of Womens' Circles in 2016,

please contact me if you are interested.


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God respects you when you work but loves you when you dance.

Sufi Saying

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One-to-One Sessions


A space for you, to explore, to create, to be.


Drama and Movement therapy and supervision.


West London. For more info contact me.

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