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Welcome to MovingSoul

When Words Fail, Listen to the Body's Tale.

Unlocking the body's wisdom and the Soul's longing.

Becky Mackeonis


I danced almost from the moment I was born, certainly from the time I could walk, as if I knew life was to be danced.  I have always felt that movement and creativity are the most authentic ways of expressing myself and connecting with the deepest part of me. Being in my body, fully present enables the flow of creativity. There was a time when I was so caught up in my 'head' I didn't 'move' and I lost my connection to my creative self.  In consequence I felt isolated, frustrated, angry and alone.  Coming back to my animal body released new life and opened my mind and heart to the deeper truths of life and being:  the body we inhabit is a great gift, one through which soul experiences and expresses itself.  I believe profoundly in the power of embodiment and in the treasure of stories our bodies hold for us.


After many years as a lawyer, I realised my true calling lay elsewhere and I became a Sesame Practitioner, trained in the Sesame Approach to Drama and Movement therapy. I worked with a wide variety of client groups including elderly with dementia, learning disabilities, autism, depression and anxiety.  I was a trustee and Chair of and worked for the Sesame Institute (UK & International) for many years and taught on their introductory courses and on the Psyche and Soma two-year part time CPD training for psychotherapists, counsellors and health professionals.  I have worked extensively using embodied imagination for wellbeing.


My work and experience have also led me to explore our embodied connection with the natural world of which we are a part and the relationships we have to the non-human beings in our lives which are vital to our wellbeing and that of the planet (ecotherapy). 


I have experience of Shamanic pracitce which I have found resonates with this work.  In addition I trained as a teacher of Shakti Dance©, the yoga of dance, as taught by Sara Avtar in 2011. More recently I have trained as a VIVID Menopause facilitator and mentor and a Red Tent facilitator. I have a Foundation in Fine Art and Design from Chelsea School of Art and Design and am an Intentional Creativity Teacher.


I run a private therapy practice in North Cornwall and I also provide supervision. Skype consultations are available when necessary.  I facilitate workshops/classes which will include Intentional Creativity® and women's gatherings.   

My name is Becky Mackeonis

I am Edge Dancer.


Weaver and witness in the cosmic dance of silence and sound, stillness and motion, of being and not.

I dance the borderlands where worlds collide and fear meets love.

I dance the rainbow bridge across the void of the unspoken and the unseen,

Holding the still centre,

The point of balance,

The heart of transformation.


I hold sacred, alchemical space.

A space of witness, where pain, suffering and grief may speak their story through word, body and image,

where all that was, that is, that ends and that longs for being can be named, seen and heard,

Where the wild, unfettered Soul may be unlocked

Unleashing the vital energy of change,

Of rest,

Of nourishment,

Of fierce love.


A space to explore the threads of connection with the human, the other than and the more than,

The warp and the weft of life.

To lift the veils of shame, guilt and fear,


Reclaim resilience, deep knowing, ageless primordial wisdom, power, joy and magic.

A space within which to stir the pot that holds the truth of all we are and all we have to offer,

For everyone has a gift for which the world longs.


Poetry, art, story, movement, imagery, creative flow, natural being and deep knowing

Awakened and affirmed.

(R. Mackeonis)

She who knows little of her body knows less still of her soul.

(Paula M Reeves)

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me.

(Herman Hesse)

To dance, put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul.

(Eugene Louis Faccuito)

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Photo By New Moon Photography