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Becky Mackeonis


Earth Dreaming

Welcome to Earth Dreaming, a space where I intend to share some of the poetry, art and thoughts that seep through the cracks and out into the world.  May they encourage, inspire and prompt you to keep an eye and ear out for the soul fragments that call to you.

By Becky Mackeonis, Jan 9 2018 05:55PM

I went into the woods to lose my mind,

and find my soul.

Little did I know that it would not

be me hunting.

Didn’t someone say

‘What you seek is seeking you’?

The mothers stood tall,

patient, loving, wise.

They opened their arms in welcome,

and enfolded me in greens

and golds and browns.

Feathered offerings cushioned my feet,

dawn light washed my face,

and a blissful chorus,

sang me into being.

Raven cawed, as if conducting

the seduction.

I was helpless,

caught in a magical web of my own choosing.

I had never been so lost,

and never so found

(Becky Mackeonis Sept 2017)

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