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Becky Mackeonis


Earth Dreaming

Welcome to Earth Dreaming, a space where I intend to share some of the poetry, art and thoughts that seep through the cracks and out into the world.  May they encourage, inspire and prompt you to keep an eye and ear out for the soul fragments that call to you.

By Becky Mackeonis, Apr 9 2018 05:09PM

Soft Earth Dreaming

Soft Earth Dreaming,

Dream yourself into me,

Take this empty vessel

And use it as you will.

Let my skin sprout grey fur,

And my nails shape shift into

Soil-rich claws,

Let my eyes become dark,

Penetrating the veil,

And, my voice

Ring out in almighty howls.

Yes this, even this

Would I do for you!

Soft Earth Dreaming,

Dream yourself into me,

Soften my edges

So that beetle and owl

May come in and go out at will.

Transform my arms into

Strong wings, capable of soaring

To the moon.

Root my legs in the

Rich fertile land,

Let me hair grow long,

A home for bird and beast alike.

Yes this, even this

I am willing to do for you!

Oh, Soft Earth Dreaming,

My deep Beloved,

Dream yourself into me.

(B. Mackeonis September 2017)

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