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Welcome to MovingSoul

When Words Fail, Listen to the Body's Tale.

Unlocking the body's wisdom and the Soul's longing.

Becky Mackeonis

Moving Bodies (2)

The Work:

Body/Mind Practices - Embodying the Imagination for Wellbeing


Drama and Movement Therapy and Supervision


I offer one to one sessions in North Cornwall by appointment.

Skype appointments are available when necessary.


I also work with groups and facilitate creative workshops.  Please contact me to discuss details of your requirements.

Shakti Dance ® :


There are no monthly workshops at present.

For further details on any of the above please contact me.

© R Mackeonis

SoulCircle: Embodied Conversations with Soul


The Circle is a sacred space, a safe space, within which we can plunge to our depths and drink deeply from the river of our being; a space where we can share, explore, challenge and enrich ourselves, our lives and our relationships.  


If you are interested please contact me.

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...To be human

is to become visible

while carrying

what is hidden

as a gift to others...


(David Whyte)

What lies before us

And what lies behind us

Are small matters compared to what lies within us

And when you bring what is within

out into the world

miracles happen.

(Henry David Thoreau)

I help you bring that which lies within, beneath, out into the world, to support change, growth, transformation and healing.


Note I use the word 'heal' not the word'cure'.  The root of the word 'heal' comes from the word 'hailjan' meaning 'to make whole' and the the word 'whole'  is also the root of the word 'holy'. This healing work, making oursleves whole is indeed holy, sacred work. This is not about religion or faith but our deepest knowing that seeks to bring us back into balance.


I facilitate space for you to explore the warp and weft of your life, to discover that which lies beneath, takes you out of balance, blocks your creative joy, upsets your ease of being, in other words that which leads to dis-ease. This may include some of the following:






Grief, Bereavement, Loss,

Lack of Self-Worth/Love,

Women's wellbeing,

Creative block,

General malaise.


I also work to uncover the symbolic, soul-full meanings of physical ailments. This is not an alternative to medical treatment but can offer depth of meaning and a greater ability to access our own inner healting resources.


I have experience of working with a variety of clients and client groups including those with mental health issues, dementia, learning disabilities, autism, as well as those simply experiencing a dis-ease with life.

Women's Red Tent Gatherings:


Monthly gatherings around the new and/or full moon to reconnect with our ancient feminine stories and longings, helping to create a sisterhood nourished, nurtured and ready for the world we live in.


Coming soon. If you are interested please contact me.